She influenced governors, legislators, game managers, game wardens, reporters, wildlife organizations and other hunters. READ her hunting adventures, how she went from anti-hunter to avid hunter, how she battled poachers, how she stood up for Game Management against the powerfully organized,  how she changed the deer bag limits, and the history of deer hunting in Georgia, from stump sitting along scrape lines to sitting in high towers over food plots. “Young folks don’t know what thrills they are missing,” she says of the new hunting techniques. 438 pp, indexed, over 100 photos.


Praise for Possum Cops

“Susan is an amazing woman and her story is fascinating.” 
Cecil (Cec) Murphey, author, 90 Minutes in Heaven and Healing Hands as well as many other books

“For the real hunters, hunting is no hobby. Hunting defines them, nothing less. Susan has put her own hunter’s self-definition on display in Possum Cops. Protection of the land and the wildlife it produces became for her as much of a goal as the pursuit of the as yet unseen buck that girdled the cedar.”
Todd Holbrook, Deputy Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources (retired); CEO, Georgia Wildlife Federation (Retired)

"What a great read from an advocate for professional wildlife management. It is a series of short stories on the early years of deer hunting in middle Georgia. The book includes numerous tales on how a courageous lady deals with poachers on her property and many of her exciting hunting experiences. She was one of the premier conservationists in those years. Any hunter would enjoy her escapades."   
David Waller, Director of Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (Retired)

"This book brings back many memories of a different time that everyone should be aware of. I am thankful we had landowners like Susan who would go the extra mile to do what was right. Her book is a definite 'must read' for anyone who appreciates our wildlife and natural resources."
Lt. Col. Bob Sires, Law Enforcement, Georgia Department of Natural Resources (Retired)

“Susan Lindsley is a genuinely unique voice with a lot to say.  Her prose is evocative and her stories wonderfully engaging. Anyone who loves the outdoors will be a fan. Her work makes me think of John McPhee, one of the finest nonfiction writers of his generation. Her writing is captivating and her storytelling imaginative.”Don Vaughan, Writing instructor, freelance writer and author of more than 1700 nonfiction articles and writer, co-writer, contributor to or ghost writer of 32 books.   http://www.donaldvaughan.net

“First thing I knew about Susan Lindsley was don’t poach on her land. If you were lucky enough to survive, you went directly to jail. Love her stories.”
Eddie Whitmire, Georgia Trophy Hunter




What a thrill!! From 2001 to 2014, from typewriter to computer, from a thousand-page monster to a tightened published novel and a first place finish on a national scale! The Independent Book Publishers selected my novel WHEN DARKNESS FELL as best Regional Novel for 2015. That is FIRST PLACE in my category.

Reviewers who commented for the book cover compared my writing with that of Eudora Welty, Erskine Caldwell, Flannery O'Connor, Carson McCullers and Rick Bragg.

Fiction writer and teacher Cecil Murphey (on The New York Times best-seller list for 90 Minutes in Heaven and other books) judged the novels first-chapter manuscripts at the Southeastern Writers Workshop and gave When Darkness Fell top honors when the book was just underway.

  Won the "You Are Published" contest sponsored by ThomasMax Publishing in 2014.

     Nominated for Georgia Author of the Year for a Novel in 2014.

In a dark Southern, post-WWII tale, Susan Lindsley keenly uses
dialogue and setting to drop us uncomfortably into the 1940s, taking
the reader to a time when people looked over their shoulder and kept
their thoughts to themselves for sins that never should have been sins.
~ C. Hope Clark, author of The Carolina Slade Mysteries and The
Edisto Island Mysteries

Susan Lindsley writes in the tradition of the South's best: Caldwell,
O'Conner, McCullers and Bragg. She writes about a time and place you
had to grow up in, to know, and honey, she knows. For writing you
won't believe, can't put down and will never forget, dig into When
Darkness Fell.
~ Peggy Mercer, Ga. Author of the Year, 2011 for Peach When
the Well Run Dry.

"In a first person narrative with musical prose that feels as if the stories
of her characters are being whispered in your ear, Susan Lindsley has
created a tale of the south--of families and forbidden loves, of all things
southern--that will echo in your heart long after you finish the book.
In a voice reminiscent of Eudora Welty, Lindsley creates characters
that resonate and scenes as real as frost on the Georgia kudzu. This is a
writer who deserves to be heard."
~ CD Mitchell: Award winning author of Alligator Stew and God's
Naked Will.

Compelling, realistic look at post WWII life in the deep South when
racism ruled the lives of everyone, even those few whites who resented
and fought against such hatred.
~ Ken McKowen, Managing Editor, Publishing Syndicate LLC

This book is available now at AMAZON.COM. For a direct link to this book, CLICK HERE.





   Also a winner in two literary festivals, this novel was selling even before it hit the book shelves in December 2013.

   Three brothers, all bootleggers moved into Middle Georgia in 1931 and battled the depression by adding cattle rustling to their resume. By 1946 their activities branched out to various crimes—without punishment.

     "It's a real page turner. I have to tear myself away from the book to get my actual paid work done."
Written on my Facebook page by a N. Arizona U. college professor

     "Great book. I read it in one day—couldn't put it down."
         —Robert Preston of Atlanta, Georgia

This book is available now at AMAZON.COM. For a direct link to this book, CLICK HERE.


Find the answer in:
     Susan Myrick wrote endlessly about "Gone With The Wind", her friend, Peggy Mitchell, the characters and their actors in the movie. This book is a collection of those articles with a special PLUS.

     In the 1930's, Susan Myrick was able to interview and write lengthy feature articles about survivors of the War Between the States. Three of those are included: One about a Confederate veteran who speaks of near starvation and getting injured. Another one is a family whose matriarch is a former slave and has members of the next four generations living with her. The third family is a group of sisters who lost both parents during the war and continued, against social policy, to run their 600-acre farm themselves, without the help of anyone else.
This book is available now at AMAZON.COM. For a direct link to this book, CLICK HERE.



An Autobiographical Biography

              Sue’s life is told, from childhood to Hollywood, from high school teacher to award winning journalist, from early courtships to the death of her anticipated husband, 

Her story comes from her own words—her diary, her letters to Margaret Mitchell, her twice-weekly columns that reflected childhood and day to day life.

Sue Myrick’s diaries and her letters to her close friend Margaret Mitchell reveal a Sue that few people knew. Sue also recorded inside information about the cast and crew of GWTW and other Hollywood notables.
Illustrations include many photographs that Sue took on the sets of Gone With The Wind, and scores of Sue herself.
This book is available now at AMAZON.COM. For a direct link to this book, CLICK HERE.


From Plantation to Town:  1900-1960

        The Myrick Girls    
Susan Myrick
Allie Myrick Bowden
Elizabeth Myrick Hubert
Lillas Myrick Lindsley

Learn about life on Dovedale Plantation, read a Susan Myrick short story, learn why the  Myrick girls of middle Georgia loved Sherman, ride from Minnesota to Daytona Beach with the youngest girl, and discover how to make your Victrola play backwards.


This book is available for purchase directly from Editor at the  cost of $12,50 (includes S & H)
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Re-released!     New Stories!    
  Her childhood was populated with such personalities as Flannery O'Connor, Susan Myrick (of Gone With the Wind), Charles Herty (UGA's first football coach and developer of paper from pine trees), as well as 76 horses, rustlers, political leaders, and moonshiners.

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on Blue Jeans and Pantaloons in
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